Our History

FHL Properties Limited started from a humble beginning operating under NLDC Investment Management Company Limited. It was on 29 August 1985 the directors of NLDC Investment management Company Limited decided to change its operating name from NLDC to Fijian Property Trust Company Limited (FPTCL) and this was approved through the Extraordinary General Meeting of NLDC Investment Management Company Limited on 22 November 1985.

NLDC had 3 prime properties namely Ratu Sukuna House, Vanua House and Draiba Property that was bought by FPTCL for a sum of $5.6m. In 1992 it was resolved that the Deuba Property be sold back to itaukei Affairs Board for their development leaving FPTCL with Vanua House and Ratu Sukuna House.  During this time Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL) had 70% shares while i’Taukei Affairs Board held the remaining 30% shareholding.

It was not until 2010 when FHL decided to buy the remaining 30% shareholding making it the fully owned subsidiary and the sole shareholder of FPTCL. In 2012, the shareholders decided to rename the company to FHL Properties Limited to culminate the flagship of FHL. FHL Properties Limited was registered on 31st July 2012 and also increased its portfolio on the same year with the purchase of Ra Marama building. The total property portfolio now stands at around $30m.


Core Values
Our core values are the underlying principles that strongly bind our people:

Employee Empowerment & Trust
Recruit, Competitively Reward & Retain the Best
Employee Innovation & Initiative

Core Purpose
To increase the participation of i'Taukei in property investment and development

To be the leading property management company in the South Pacific

FHLP is committed to the achievement of the following mission statements:
We will be the preferred property management company
We will have continuous growth in property management portfolio

Board of Directors
There is currently a total of 5 directors on the Board of FHLP of which three are from the parent company board and two are independent directors.

FHLP currently has a management team of thirteen staff