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Asian Development Bank

Level 5 Ra Marama House

Fijian Holdings Ltd

Level 7 Ra Marama House.

Fijian Holding Trust Management

Ground floor Ra Marama House

Housing Authority

Sukuna House

Merchant Finance

Level 1 Ra Marama House


Vanua House

Core Values

Our core values are the underlying principles that strongly bind our people:

  • Integrity
  • Employee Empowerment & Trust
  • Recruit, Competitively Reward & Retain the Best
  • Employee Innovation & Initiative

Core Purpose
To increase the participation of i'Taukei in property investment and development

To be the leading property management company in the South Pacific

FHLP is committed to the achievement of the following mission statements:

  • We will be the preferred property management company
  • We will have continuous growth in property management portfolio

Our Policy Objective
In 2010 management developed a Property Management Policy Statement that guided the team under good governance. The objective of the policy statement was to allow management and staff to conduct their role in an ethical and transparent working environment. The policy provides three main functions that are central to professional practice of property management. They are enabling, ensuring and empowering staff to carry out their roles and responsibility in the best interest of the company.

Enabling – by creating terms, condition and requirements whereby staff can make references to act on the best interest of the company and refrain from relying on others for guidance in property management practice.

Ensuring – By working in harmony with core values and principles outlined in FHL Group policy statement and create an environment whereby staff can use their skills and knowledge to increase benefits to shareholders.

Empowering – By implementing these policies management and staff can [play an assertive and constructive role in decision making for the interest of all owned and management properties.

The policy was designed to ensure better services of property management through efficient and effective modes of service delivery for the interest of all stakeholders.